I'm trying to do something

more than just osu! maps~

#japan #music #feelings #music #you

Twitter Fresh news and random posts!

Discord Server Ru If you need me – Eugene#0212

Youtube I upload my videos here~


ENetwork WebSites

ENetwork WebSites represent a system of resources of different purposes. Release Date: March 21, 2021.

**home.ev** – Blog & Peace Posts regarding wip stuff and stories (#specials).

**skills.ev** – Techs & Works My current skills and works.

osu.ev – Evgerable Projects A rebuilt[old.ev website](<https://old.evgerable.com/>)with a fresh-looking showcase of osu! works.

meaven.evᵂᴵᴾ – Res Assistant Helpful articles and tips from the internet including my own experience.

**originals.ev**ᵂᴵᴾ – Evgerable Originals New ambitious personal projects supported by powerful T4 techs.


ENetwork WebServices

ENetwork WebServices provide additional web features for my work. Release Date: March 21, 2021.

**time.ev** – Time Machine Archives and maintains some of my old web works.

lib.ev – Personal Storage Backup storage, file streaming & delivery service with no bandwidth restriction.

**url.ev** – Personal Shortener Url shortener for ENetwork, also used for constant urls of my projects.

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